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Do I Really Need a Blog? – 3 Reasons Realtors Should Be Blogging in 2018


Many of us have heard of blogging and think of it as publishing your personal journal for the world to read. We may have had a friend in the past ask us to read their blog while they took an extended trip or join the peace corps and this became our definition of blogging. However, the majority of websites we view throughout the day are actually blogs. Entrepreneurs, large businesses, and real estate agents have been utilizing this powerful tool for years and seen great growth as a result.

 1. Prove Your Credibility

Just as moving to a new town requires re-building your reputation, so does starting an online presence Blogging is an excellent way to relate to your audience and prove your credibility. Do this by demonstrating your knowledge of your particular field. Answer questions that first time home buyers might be asking or display market updates in an interesting and helpful way.

Make a list of questions that home buyers or sellers may be asking and use one to title your blog. Not only will you will be providing information you know they are looking for, but when they google that question they will be more likely to click on your blog. (HINT: don’t forget to include a call to action at the end!)

2. Stand Out

Not only does blogging show who you are as a Realtor, but it gives you an opportunity to captivate your audience as an intriguing individual.You are able to portray a story or topic the way you want others to see it and make them want to know more about YOU. Now, not only are you a Realtor to them, but a person they feel they can trust. It is like throwing out a net and pulling multiple clients right to you instead spending unnecessary time casting out to individuals only hoping they will bite.

Refer to similar blogs and see what is working. Of course, do not plagiarize, but get an understanding of what readers are looking for. How do they phrase titles? What are they using for imagery? How many words should you use in a paragraph? Should you write in first, second or third person to your specific audience? Educating yourself on these things will help you write a more effective and captivating blog.

 3. Create Opportunities

Your blogs can be seen and read by countless people on the internet. Anyone who has something interesting or valuable to say could be identified as an expert. This has lead to individuals being discovered by their blogs and invited to speak at conferences and share their valuable information, creating another level of credibility and fame. Blogging attracts an audience by offering something of value to them before asking for anything in return. Blogs can even just simply convert your audience to customers, partners, friends, etc. The opportunities are endless!

53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Because Realtors are region specific you want to bring local traffic to your site. Be sure to include your city, town, or village in your title/content. The more specific you are, the more you will stand out in a unique google search and you will target the audience you are looking for.



Having a blog is important and a great way to initially captivate your audience. However, once you captivate your audience it is equally, if not more crucial, to have somewhere your blog will lead them. This is when a professional website comes in handy. You gave your readers some valuable, intriguing information, now they want to get in touch with you and potentially purchase your services. They click on your call to action button that takes them to your website, and hopefully they are just as impressed by your professional website that will reaffirm them that they do, in fact, want you to help them with their business.

We understand that running your business, meeting with clients, etc. on a daily basis takes up enough time as is. Now you need to build a website and consistently create blog posts? It can be overwhelming. That is precisely why we offer to create and manage your online presence for you. To learn more about how we can help you with your online marketing, click below to see our services and decide if they are a good fit for you. Still not sure? Contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.