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Have you recently started your own business? Have you been running a successful business for the past 20 years? Great, you are in the right place either way! A website is a multi-functional tool that is beneficial no matter where you are in your business journey.


#1 Sturdy Foundation (Anchor)


Let’s start at the beginning. A website should be the first form of promotion a business spends the time and money to make. It is the anchor for their business. It is where their business cards, advertisements, emails, etc. should lead people to. Captivate your audience with your advertisements, sell your audience with your website.


#2 Instant Credibility


It can be intimidating starting your own business. There are big business names that people are already familiar with that have gained their trust. How could you possibly convince people that what you have to offer is more valuable? With a captivating, well-done website you are able to show off what you do and gain instant credibility. Your website can break down the wall between you and the big guys.


#3 New Customers


Today, most people turn to the internet for answers. You might already have an established customer base, however a website would help you reach customers who are not already familiar with you business. Sure, you might have some great loyal customers (awesome!), but captivating new potential customers and bringing in the traffic will be the difference between your business making it, and your business thriving.


#4 Organization/Communication


Maybe you are able to say, “my business is already thriving and we are busier than ever! I really don’t need any more customers.” Let me first say, that’s awesome! We love to see other people finding success in what they love to do. However, a website isn’t an advertisement. Sure, it shows people the outstanding work you do, but that is not all it is good for. It is a tool used to organize the chaos of a business and the communication with their customers. A website has almost all of the answers customers are looking for. “I wonder what their business hours are.” “Do they have any promotions going on?” “Oh, look! It says it right there on their website!” It provides 24/7 customer service without any supervision. It’s more convenient for everyone.


#5 Value


Getting a business loan is often a necessary step in the beginning stages of bringing your business to life. If you are planning on doing this, there is a good chance the bank manager will ask to see your company’s website to estimate its value. You will want to make sure they see you are serious about it and will attract an audience. This doesn’t just go for the bank, this is how everyone will determine the value of your business – especially your customers.  


#6 Control


I have noticed a lot of companies rely on their business Facebook page and other third-party platforms to act as their anchor. Don’t get me wrong, we have a business Facebook page, but it is not the most reliable foundation. Their policies could change, they could close your account, etc. Your business’ entire online foundation is at their mercy. With a website, the ball isn’t just in your court, you own the court. You are in control of your content and your platform with no chance of losing the ability to connect with your audience.


#7 Reassess Your Business Goals


It is important to look back and remember why you started what you did and why you are doing what you do. When you are deciding on content for your website, there is a good chance you will revisit certain aspects of your business that you haven’t in a while. An old flame will be fanned, and you might reassess your business goals.



Having a website is great, building one can be a hassle. If a website sounds like something you want to further your business but you don’t seem to have the time or skills to create it, contact our team to help you. Your success is our goal!